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The Story & Origin of The Sleep Hut

With The Sleep Hut our emphasis is not on fast fashion or trends. Its timeless pieces of high quality, delivered with the highest customer service. We endeavour to create a luxurious nights sleep waking up feeling refreshed for the day ahead. Remember that almost everything looks better after a good nights sleep x

6 Reasons why sleeping on Silk Pillows & with a Face Mask is good for you.

1. Prevent Wrinkles

Schultz states that sleeping on a "smooth surface with very little friction” results in less tugging on the skin, preventing crush wrinkles that are created when sleeping on tougher surfaces like Cotton.

2. Prevents Frizzy Hair AND Breakage Hair glides over the pillowcase throughout the night instead of snagging on cotton. Thus waking up with fresh, untangled hair!

3. Keep the skin hydrated

As your skin doesn’t get absorbed into the pillow, the skin remains more hydrated throughout the night. Making Silk pillowcases a great alternative for sufferers of dry skin.

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