6 Reasons why sleeping on Silk Pillows & with a Face Mask is good for you.

6 Reasons why sleeping on Silk Pillows & with a Face Mask is good for you.

Prevent Wrinkles

Schultz states that sleeping on a "smooth surface with very little friction” results in less tugging on the skin, preventing crush wrinkles that are created when sleeping on tougher surfaces like Cotton.

Prevents Frizzy Hair AND Breakage

Hair glides over the pillowcase throughout the night instead of snagging on cotton. Thus waking up with fresh, untangled hair!

Keep the skin hydrated

As your skin doesn’t get absorbed into the pillow, the skin remains more hydrated throughout the night. Making Silk pillowcases a great alternative for sufferers of dry skin.

Keep the hair hydrated

As well as keeping the skin looking luminous, the cotton also absorbs moisture from the hair as it is more porous than silk. If you suffer from a dry scalp, say HELLO to your new best friend.

Can help with minor skin acne.

As the skin doesn’t lose as much moisture in the night this keeps the skin hydrated preventing excess oil production.

Temperature Regulation

This one is our favourite! Silk is one of earths natural thermal regulators. When its cold, the air captured between the threads creates an isolation effect- heating us up. The proteins in Silk are effectively absorbent helping to release moisture, preventing you sweating which helps maintain a consistent body temperature.

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It is time you move to silk.